Cath Lloyd, stress relief therapist and personnal development coach, is the creator of the successful Lift Your Life stress therapy course, a printed author, and community host at The Sunshine Hub

Our feelings about life have a direct connection to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

A 20 minute phone call could start you on a new stress free journey in life.

I am Cath Lloyd, your anxiety stress therapist and coach, recognised pulished author featured on womans hour, BBC Radio 4, and credible life coach. I use tried and tested tractical methods to support and guide you through your anxieties and stress to help you become you and love life again.

How do you know you are suffering from anxiety and stress?

You may feel...

  • * Like crying
  • * Constantly tired
  • * Hating getting up in the mornings
  • * Irritable with those you love

You may be experiencing...

  • * Sleep problems
  • * Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • * Poor concentration levels
  • * Unusual aches and pains
  • * Disinterest in things you used to love
  • * Putting everyone else first and you last

Thank you for guiding me on my journey. It has been such a transformation. I’m not quite sure how I got on in life without guidance from you. My life is mine to live and I am living it. Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind. I just needed to find myself and you know what, I like me now.

Jo, 46 year old professional lady.

How can you make a better tomorrow?

I offer many options for you to begin your journey from stress to success: private coaching sessions, online courses, annual events, and free resources including weekly live video stream, podcasts and newsletter. Utilising the steps from my unique coaching program Lift Your Life, I can help you to find the freedom and success you've been looking for.

You can connect with me and The Sunshine Hub community at, where there is a library of articles, resources, and courses to support your journey.

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