I help transgender families remove communication barriers so they can live an authentic life

Cath Lloyd

Hi, I’m Cath Lloyd,
I help transgender families is because I know first-hand how having a transgender parent affects the whole family.

In the 1980’s my Dad announced that he needed to be woman and was going to start undergoing gender reassignment treatment. He couldn’t continue to live an unauthentic life any longer. As you can imagine this was a massive step for him at 50 years of age.

Back then there was no support for us as a family and we had to take the journey very much alone.

Even though there is a lot of discussion about trans and gender issues in the media, this affects the whole family. It is a very difficult time for both the individual and also the rest of the family. It’s very important that all the family members have support available to them so the transition to a different family life can be made as easily as possible.

"Thank you for guiding me on my journey. It has been such a transformation. I’m not quite sure how I got on in life without guidance from you. My life is mine to live and I am living it. Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind. I just needed to find myself and you know what, I like me now. "
49 year old professional lady


As a daughter I felt confused, offended by the lack of honesty within our family and even angry. I wanted to be supportive but also to run away. 

A whole mixture of emotions that you might be feeling too. If left unaddressed these conflicting emotions will not only have an effect on the family relationships but also your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

I help families understand the mixed emotions that they might be feeling, come to terms with this change so they can live an authentic family life.
Cath lloyd