4 Steps to Emotional Freedom

I am so excited about my second book, "4 Steps to Emotional Freedom – How to be Happy Again After Painful Life Changes”,  because I truly believe what I write will support you.  If you are trying to be happy again after a painful change in your life this book will support anyone wanting to make or manage a difficult change in their life.

Suzanne Fells Review of
4 Steps to Emotional Freedom


what people say

Every once in a while, a book comes along that makes you look at your life and realize that there is soooo much more available to you. That's exactly what "4 Steps to Emotional Freedom" is

Porsché - author

After reading the first chapter I was hooked

sharon - therapist

This book is something I have been looking for to help guide me and find a way around and out the other side.”

leigh - Bookeeper

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Why change is important

Let’s face it change is difficult; whether you choose the change, or it has been thrust upon you. 

There are a lot of internal conflicts, negative conversations and self-doubts that you have with yourself.

These all need straightening out, rather like a bag of spaghetti, so you can manage them more easily.

Going through a difficult change won’t feel positive at the time but I promise you it will support you in the long term.  You will:

  •   Develop new coping mechanisms.
  • Strengthen the ones you already have.
  • You will be in a stronger position the next time you are thrown into something that stretches you emotionally and physically.

Our lives are made of a huge array of small cogs. When life is running smoothly, our cogs are working in alignment with each other. They are in good condition, well-oiled, so to speak.

However, one small change in life will disrupt one small cog, perhaps it will slip slightly or stick, making life a little off balance.

A massive change in life will disrupt or even break many cogs, creating a mass of disruption in your emotions, feelings, and thoughts, which have an impact on your everyday life.

Learn how to decipher your difficult thoughts and feelings

My massive changes

4 Steps to Emotional Freedom was born out of two massive changes that were thrust into my life.

In 1987 my dad suddenly announced his heart-wrenching decision to undergo gender reassignment treatment.  

Thirty years later in 2017, my son had a tragic mountain bike accident breaking his neck and leaving him with life-changing injuries. 

None of us know what life is going to throw at us. 

None of us know how we are going to manage our painful life changes until we are in the middle of it.

what i learnt

My dad’s decision to become Joan really threw me.  I struggled to accept his decision and to acknowledge and accept how I felt about it.

Putting on a brave face, going into hyper control or superhero mode only keeps you going for so long until you dive bomb into something dark.

Thankfully what I learnt from this experience I used to write “When Dad Became Joan” which then supported me through my son’s accident and recovery.  I practise what I discuss in my book and share with my clients.

Finding it difficult to focus after a big change

Embrace Change, Find Happiness: Unlocking Emotional Freedom

I invite you on a transformative journey born from my own struggles and triumphs.

'4 Steps to Emotional Freedom', is intertwined with two personal stories—navigating my father's gender reassignment and my son's life-altering accident—with expert strategies.

Through my empathetic guidance, this book becomes your companion through life's most tumultuous moments.

With practical wisdom and heartfelt storytelling, embark on a path toward resilience, inner strength, and the unwavering pursuit of happiness.

Prepare to discover newfound emotional liberation within the pages of this invaluable guide.

Remember you’re not alone. 

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