Most of us need to work on getting in touch with our true potential from time to time.

When we’re very wrapped up in painful change, and the complex issues, thoughts and feelings that are associated with them we can lose touch with ourselves.  Your thought processes and feelings will have been used differently to support yourself and others through the immediate issues you’ve been faced with.  Managing your coping mechanisms and working out how to get through to the next day will have been your priority and investigating your true potential will have slipped down the list of priorities.

When do you know you’re ready to connect with your true potential?

There will come a time when you’re in a freer more emotionally balanced position to start investigating your skills, true potential and how you want to make life better for yourself again.  We all change through our lives but going through a particularly difficult change will make a bigger impact.

Perhaps your outlook on life has changed. 

Maybe, your circumstances have now changed.

Or do you want life to be different?

What will getting in touch with my true potential mean?

Whatever your reasons you will need to take yourself through a step-by-step process. A process of self-honesty, learning and understanding.  Getting to know the real you again who may have gotten lost along your journey of difficult and painful change. Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen overnight. If there was a quick switch you could flick, I would tell you about it.  If your fairy godmother could sort this out for you I would suggest calling her to work her magic.

However, it’s going to take time and patience, but you will get there.  You will succeed with the right process.  You can work your magic with the 8 Step Process to get in touch with your true potential.

Lady taking steps to reach her true potential.

8 Steps to getting in touch with your true potential.

Step 1:

Identify Your Inner Voice: Put your hand on your heart and listen to what your heart and mind are telling you so you can learn what you truly want and need in life.

Step 2:

Know Yourself: Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and the activities you truly enjoy doing. Reaching your true potential will be easier if you are using your strengths and doing what you love to do. Developing our weaknesses is something we all need to do but will make us even more qualified once accomplished. Using the SWOT analysis will help you achieve this (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Step 3:

Reflect on Your Core Values: Determine your core values and live according to them. Living an authentic life with integrity will support you by getting you closer to your true potential.  It will also help you in defining your goals.

Step 4:

Define Your Goals: Write your goals using the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Using SMART in this way will help you see more clearly what you need to do and why. 

Step 5:

Make Conscious Efforts: Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, make conscious efforts to achieve them.  This is where the hard work comes in but with conscientiousness, determination and consistency you will find the best way to get in touch with your true potential and work with it.

Step 6:

Set Milestones: You may need to learn the activities critical to succeed in defining your true potential.  Needing extra support to help you do this is not a failure but a need if you want to succeed.  You may feel out of your comfort zone and feelings of a loss of control but the more you practice the easier it will become to get nearer to your milestones and goals.

Step 7:

Accept Failures: At first, you may feel as if you’re taking two steps forward and three steps back.  By working on each step, you will be learning and understanding more about yourself. Not everything is going to run smoothly for you.  That is a fact. You will have setbacks.  Accept them for what they are, learn from them, work with them and find a better way.

Step 8:

Celebrate Your Successes: However, hard this 8 step process is for you, you will have successes along the way.  Celebrate them all, however small they may seem to you. They are all important and will encourage you and drive you to keep going and get you in touch with your true potential.

celebrating having taken the 8 steps to her true potential

It's All About You

Remember, your potential is not something that you need to wait for before it comes to you. It’s something that you build within yourself with hard and smart work.  By using this 8 step process to get in touch with your true potential you will strive. 

Believe in yourself by unlocking your potential.

Make 2024 your year so that you can strive, succeed and live a great life.

Let's talk about how I can support you and help you end the sadness to restore happiness back into you life.

About the Author

Cath Lloyd

British TEDx Speaker, life coach and author of “When Dad Became Joan” with her second booking coming out at the end of 2023, Cath Lloyd was a shy and unconfident student at school. Learning from her life experiences has developed her confidence, enabling her to share her voice, ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Cath has spoken on local radio, Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour as well as many podcast shows. Cath is promoting the importance of self-honesty to learn and understand yourself. The other is, communication is one of the keys to keeping your emotional, mental, and physical balance and keeping family life running more smoothly.

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