About Cath Lloyd

Do you feel as if you are hitting a brick wall when communicating with yourself and your family after a big change in your life?

Are you struggling to be heard because big barriers are in the way of being open and honest with yourself?

Is this making you feel exhausted and anxious and lost your lust for life?

What have you been doing so far to manage this?

I experienced similar symptoms when in 1987 my dad revealed he was going to undergo gender reassignment treatment.  I was lonely.  I didn’t know anyone else whose Dad wanted to be a woman.  I tried to ignore all the challenging thoughts and feelings for many years but the burden of all this was making them impossible to carry any longer.

I finally had to start looking within myself.  I had to start being totally honest with myself.  So that I could learn and understand why I was thinking and feeling the way I was.

We are taught to listen to others is one of the most important things we can do. 

In actual fact, the most important thing you can do is learn to listen to yourselves.

Listening to yourself will help you work out why you and thinking and feeling the way you are so that you can then understand your triggers and your behaviours. 

Life can throw you a series of curve balls; you can either fight it, take flight, freeze or fawn.  However, continually learning about yourself will develop your resilience so that you can function, even in horrendous situations.  Developing good coping mechanisms will build your resilience so that you can come out the other side with a smile on your face.

Stressed woman looking unhappy.

Learning to listen to myself, and understand myself whilst practising self-honesty really supported me in 2017 when my son had a fatal mountain bike accident when he broke his neck and left him with life changing injuries.

Learning about your thoughts and feelings and how they affected your body will support you through your rollercoaster ride of emotions of life.  You will be able to tap into your coping mechanism using the ones that best suit your and the situation you are in right now.

Shoving your difficult thought and feelings into the back of the closet of your mind is only a temporary fix.  One day, when you least expect it, the safety catch on your closet won’t be able to take the pressure any longer.  The door will burst open and all that stuff will escape, probably at the most inappropriate time making it very difficult to fix. 

If you continue to ignore the warning signs, you will experience not only mental health issues, but this could eventually lead to physical health problems. However uncomfortable it might feel, it is important to act now.  The sooner you start to address the problem, the sooner you can walk out the other side of this period in your life with a smile on your face.  You will be a stronger person mentally, emotionally and physically with more resilience for the next curve ball life throws at you.

The decision is yours:

Do you want to stay a slave to the issues, or do you want to be in control of your life with greater inner strength and the knowledge that you could handle life with confidence and vitality.

Are you ready to start making this change today?

 Book a discovery call with me.  

We can chat about the imbalances you are thinking and feeling and how you would like your life to be.

Remember you are not alone.

Your life is your choice.

Choose the best way,

not the easiest way.