Cath Lloyd is the creator of the successful Lift Your Life transformational course, community host and writer at The Sunshine Hub, video blog presenter at Let’s Talk, and author of the best-selling book When Dad Became Joan. She lives in the West Midlands, England, with her husband Nick and their two dogs.

" I am Cath Lloyd, a lifestyle change and stress relief expert and life coach, and I help people to manage conflicting and challenging emotions to change today and make a better tomorrow. Using Life Change Therapy I support and guide through change and growth using a combination of techniques and skills. I assist everyday people in the building of strategies that help them to become their best whilst battling and overcoming worries and anxieties. My methods are powerful healing tools that offer an alternative approach to treat the whole person; mind, spirit, body, and soul, and the effectiveness of my methods are described in my book by using one of my own life challenges to show how transformational therapies can be applied to any life change to help you find the way to your new normal. "
Hi My name's cath, and I have worked wiyth a number of indviadual and their families who have faced the challenge of managing body dysmorphia or gender transiition. It can be a very difficult period emotionally for the indvidual and the family unit and it is important that all the people involved are able to get the support that they need from somebody who has had first hand experince of this.
Cath Lloyd

Cath has been providing private coaching, group events, online programs, and expert advice to people all around the globe since 2009. An extensive library articles and resources she has written are all available in one handy friendly place at The Sunshine Hub website which is managed and regularly updated by Cath and the Sunshine Hub Team. In 2018 Cath’s first book was published, When Dad Became Joan is a combination of real life and self-help that draws upon Cath’s experience of acceptance and personal growth. Using her unique strategies, effective methods and experienced coaching skills, Cath helps people to achieve what they desire by guiding them through life’s challenges towards the path of their choosing.

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What is Lifestyle Change?

Cath uses the steps in her unique ‘Lift Your Life’ coaching program to help people access the strategies they need to be the best they can be, reach peak mental performance, and achieve success in their future. Coaching is for everyone, all over the world people from all walks of life are experiencing the amazing benefits of learning and using transformational strategies to improve their lives and reach new potentials.

Imagine having all of the techniques needed to manage the everyday pull of stress in your life…

No more pulling and tugging of conscience and peace of mind but to finally be in a position where you are able to be your own cheerleader. It is my goal to help everyday people, just like you, manage the trials of life efficiently and succinctly without the need for extensive counselling and therapy. This is not just any personal well-being website. You have discovered an opportunity to learn a set of techniques that will improve your mood, increase your confidence, and help to shape your future. In group sessions, through private conversations with Cath, or from the comfort of your own home. These skills can be learnt by anyone, at any time in their life, and they will enable you to take the reins back on your emotions and personal life. Support on your terms. You chart the outcome and you define what success looks like.


  • A deeper connection with yourself and those around you

  • Improved decision making that leads to better goals and outcomes

  • Appreciation of the person you are and respect for your own feelings

  • Acceptance of change and ability to navigate life with confidence

  • A peaceful, free, and successful future

If you want to achieve any of these in your life, you should contact Cath today or head on over to The Sunshine Hub to join a community of people with a common goal – fulfilment and happiness.