Cath Lloyd

I help individuals with gender dysphoria remove the communication barriers they have with their family

Do you feel as if you are hitting a brick wall when communicating with your family?

Are you struggling to be heard because big barriers are in the way of being open and honest with your family?

Is this making your feel exhausted, anxious and the lose your lust for life?

What have you been doing so far to manage this?

We all come across situations in life that challenge us, make us feel uncomfortable and confused about not knowing which direction to turn.  It is also easy to sweep it under the carpet in the hope that it will miraculously sort itself out.  Perhaps you even thought that someone else would be able to fix this for you. The feelings of not being heard can make you feel isolated and undervalued.  If this continues it can lead to a breakdown in your self-esteem and confidence levels. This may have a knock-on effect and deterioration with important relationships.

As the daughter of a trans Mum I experienced similar communication problems with my family.  I felt I wasn’t heard and didn’t know who to turn to for support.  I was lonely.  I didn’t know anyone else whose parent wanted to change gender.  All members of my family were trying to manage their own uncertain thoughts and feelings around this massive change.  This meant I didn’t feel confident to approach them or my peers for support. Eventually after hitting rock bottom, I was given a course of six NHS counselling sessions.  After three sessions I realised I couldn’t change the past.  I couldn’t change how other people felt, behaved and related to me.  However, what I could change was myself from that day onwards.

Having experienced difficult family relationships and change first-hand and working with a large range of individuals from teaching in prison, I can relate to having communication issues.  Due to this, I have also built up a wide range of coping mechanisms to develop communication skills within myself and others.  Life can throw you a series of curve balls; you can either fight it, take flight, freeze or fawn.  However, continually learning about yourself will develop your resilience so that you can function, even in horrendous situations.  Developing good coping mechanisms will build your resilience so that you can come out the other side with a smile on your face.

My life experiences have enabled me to build a series of resources that are easily accessible to you:

  • My book, “When Dad Became Joan: Life with my transgender father”, will give you an insight into my failings at managing my father’s gender dysphoria and some of the coping mechanisms I used to help myself.
  • “7 Steps to a Happier Heart and Soul”, is a seven-step series of videos to explore your thoughts and feelings. Going through this process will enable to search for what you are looking for, becoming stronger and developing a happier heart and soul.
  • “Steps To Managing Your Emotional Balance”. A free downloadable PDF and series of emails to help you manage those difficult thoughts and feelings that are stopping your from living life to the full. 

Otherwise, you can work directly with me and make massive progress far more quickly to becoming the real you again. Learning more about yourself, challenging and understanding yourself will build your inner strength and resilience.  This will help you rebuild your confidence levels, allowing you to make the right choices in managing your communication skills with your family and strengthening your relationships.

Sweeping difficult thought and feelings under the carpet is only a temporary mend to the problem.  One day, when you least expect it, a sharp breeze will lift that carpet and everything will escape, probably at the most inappropriate time making it very difficult to fix.  If you continue to ignore the warning signs that there is something wrong, you will experience not only mental health issues, but this could eventually lead to physical health problems. However uncomfortable it might feel, it is important to act now.  The sooner you start to address the issues in a constructive and professional manor, the sooner you can walk out the other side of this period in your with a smile on your face.  You will be a stronger person mentally, emotionally and physically with more resilience for the next curve ball life throws at you. 

The decision is yours:

Do you want to stay a slave to the issues, or do you want to be in control of your life with a greater inner strength and the knowledge that you could handle life with confidence and vitality?

To help you make your decision follow the links to the variety of products I offer or book a half hour conversation with me to find out more about how I can support you.