Nobody likes change let alone when it’s difficult.Why?Because we like things to stay the same.  Staying the same is comfortable for us because we’re used to it even if it’s not perfect or even

Practising self-honesty can be a skill in itself especially if you have spent years trying to avoid it. How often have you been in a difficult situation or something hasn’t gone your way? At

When I talk about clearing out the closet of your mind what I am talking about is managing your negative thoughts and feelings. The negative thoughts and feelings from the significantly difficult change you

Over the past 15 years of working on my own personal development, I have come to realise that the main key to resolving the majority of my anxieties from change is by mastering the

Making time to follow the 8 step process to reviewing your year is really important. Why you might be asking. How often do you go back and reflect on what happened in your life? 

Are you trying to manage a big change in your life whilst trying to go about your daily life as normal? When you’re going through the bereavement cycle of change and loss it can

Have you ever wondered how to stop playing the victim during a situation that you find difficult? What is playing the victim? Playing the victim is about putting yourself at the central point of

How can you use music to help your mood? Music isn’t a massive multi dollar industry because we simply like it.  There are many good reasons why we listen to music. There is also

Taking time out to do a simple exercise to check in on your body can be the last thing on your mind when you’re going through a difficult period in your life. At times

Telling someone something very private is always a nerve-racking experience because you just don’t know how they will react.  You might be the first person in your circle of friendships who is in a