How Do You Tell Someone Your Parent Is Transgender?

Lloyd2021cath/ August 4, 2022/ Mindset

  Telling someone something very private is always a nerve-racking experience because you just don’t know how they will react.  You might be the first person in your circle of friendships who is in a transgender family.  How do you tell someone your parent is transgender? Why We Have Friends? Most of us have a variety of friends who give

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How Gender Dysphoria Can Affect Men’s Health

Lloyd2021cath/ June 23, 2022/ Mindset

  It’s time to talk about how gender dysphoria can affect men’s health.  You might be wondering what the connection is and why it’s so important. Why don’t men take their health as seriously as women? As an admirer of men, it really concerns me why so many men don’t take their health as seriously as women. To all you

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Help Your Unhead Self Be Heard

Lloyd2021cath/ May 23, 2022/ Mindset

Hearing ourselves and really listening to ourselves is very different.  You can hear but subconsciously you can decide not to listen to your unheard self.  How often do you hear what’s going on around you but don’t pay attention to it?  This is exactly the same as how the majority of people treat themselves most of the time.  It’s not

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Bereavement Has To Happen To Make Room For Your New Parent

Lloyd2021cath/ April 6, 2022/ Mindset

Bereavement for your trans parent has to happen to make room for their change. You may choose to agree or disagree with this statement. Trans or gender diversity issues are talked about in the media most days now; however, having a parent change gender is not the norm.  Even though this openness is difficult for all concerned, ultimately, we need to

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8 Benefits Of Crying

Lloyd2021cath/ January 26, 2022/ Mindset

We all have individual levels of emotions.  Some will naturally be more willing than others to show their emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeve: not be frightened to reap the 8 benefits of crying.  While others are going to want to keep their emotions to themselves. What has been taught and what is natural within ourselves is difficult

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Transgender parent, how to manage your emotions now you know

Admin/ October 17, 2021/ Mindset

How To Manage Your Emotions Now You Know Your Parent Is Transgender Being told that your parent is transgender and going to undergo gender reassignment is a traumatic conversation to be having with your parent. If there were no warning signs that this might be on the horizon this may leave you feeling as if you family is balancing on

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Transgender parent, now you know what are you going to do?

Admin/ August 16, 2021/ Mindset

You now know your parent is transgender, but what happens now? Your thoughts and feelings will have a massive bearing on how you found out about this change. Was it a total shock or have there been gradual changes? Is your parent going for a full change or a partial change? Whatever the answers are to these questions, there are

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Your Trans Parent, Avoid A Lifetime Of Regret

Admin/ July 21, 2021/ Mindset

Your parents’ end of life creates a mass of difficult thoughts and feelings in the simplest of relationships.  Add into the mix the complexities of gender identity and reassignment will make those thoughts and feelings even more complicated. I have recently cremated my trans Mum, Joan, and can honestly put my hand on my heart and say I did the

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Stress: Which do you want, the control or to be controlled?

Admin/ May 1, 2021/ Mindset

Stress, distress, anxiety, tension, pressure, we all call it different things but they are all closely related. As a life coach and teacher of Developing Effective Thinking Skills, I listen to people talk about their feelings quite often and the phrases I hear most are that they: • Put it to one side, it will go away• I’m just being

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Managing Your Monday Morning Blues

Admin/ April 26, 2021/ Mindset

Monday mornings can create a lot of anxiety and stress for a lot of people, but the third Monday in January is traditionally called Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Why? Because many will be starting to feel the pinch financially with credit card bills and bank statements popping through the letterbox. For some, it may be

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