Cath Lloyd TEDx Speaker Resilience Coach Author

Self-honesty is the key to how Cath supports her clients to manage difficult change to becoming more resilient, improving well-being, effective productivity and having a good work-life balance.

Whether it's being a ceramic artist, teaching in adult education and male jail, being a resilience coach or looking after her family, Cath has an authentic approach to working with individuals and groups which is sensitive and direct.

As a daughter and a mother, her personal life experiences of being thrown in at the deep end has meant learning how to manage big change to difficult family dynamics through practising self-honesty.  These changes to family life led Cath to write "When Dad Became Joan", speak at TEDx Wolverhampton and now write her second book.

Topics I Talk About
  • How gender dysphoria affects the whole family.
  • Family adjustments after a spinal cord injury.
  • The importance of practising self-honesty.
  • Recognising your body's reaction to anxiety.
  • Communication is the key to good relationships.
  • Restoring happiness after a difficult change in life.
  • A better understanding of oneself and others.
  • Learning to recognize the difficult signals to change
  • Understanding thoughts and feelings around change
  • Long term improvement to personal wellbeing
  • A smoother work life balance
  • Knowing there is a new normal after a difficult change.

Questions You Could Ask On Your Show

What was your journey to where you are now?

What made you decide to specialise in your line of work?

How does self-honesty link to improving your physical health and productivity?

Why is difficult change so hard to manage?

How would someone going through a difficult change start to make a new normal for themselves?

When is a good time to start making positive changes to your emotinal and mental attitude to change?

What stops people from making changes to the way they think and feel?


Elaine Powell

The Thought Disruptor Speaker

“Cath is inspiring, engaging and passionate about supporting organizations through to challenge of change. Having worked with Cath to deliver her engaging TEDx, I can categorically recommend her as a speaker at your forthcoming event. Your audience will be touched, moved and inspired to implement the changes necessary for growth within your organization.”

Sharon Loundes

The Fern Holistic Therapy

“Thank you for giving me the powerful tools to be able to move forward with grace, joy and ease with you by my side. If Cath enters your life and you have the opportunity to work  with her take the opportunity with both hands. I can wholeheartedly recommended that the  help I have received has been life changing. the day we made contact I had been crying for help and you answered that call.”