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Cath Lloyd

A Discovery session is a 90-minute online introductory coaching session where we’ll be working on investigating all areas of your life. This will give you a great opportunity to start seeing your life as a whole rather than in segments, for what it is today, the trends, and your strengths. 

If you haven’t experienced life coaching before, this 90-minute session:

Will give a flavour of what life coaching is.

How it can support you in working towards the life you want to create and develop for yourself and the important people in your life.

It will get you nearer to where you want to be in life unlike reading self-help books, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos.

The Benefits of a Discovery Session

We all go through change but sometimes it can be more difficult and more painful than at other times.



  • We like things to stay the same.
  • Staying the same even if it’s not perfect gives comfort
  • You know what to expect because you’re used to it even if it’s far from perfect.

But, you may be putting on a brave face, a mask trying to give the perception that life is ‘fine’.

Or, you’re experiencing thoughts and feelings that are making you uncomfortable, out of your depth and lacking control.

There comes a time when enough is enough or you’re tired of not living the life you want or dream of.  You’re fed up with the struggle, those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. You’re fed up with being unable to thrive and be the real you. Perhaps craving the need to smile, laugh, sing and dance again with your hand on your heart knowing that these great feelings are real and that life is not just ‘fine’ but fantastic.

You may have read a lot of self-help books, listened to podcasts and watched some YouTube videos which have been useful but perhaps you’re feeling you need something more.

Something more personal to you.

What Past Clients Have Expressed After Their Discovery Session

Wow, I can see a lot more clearly what I want and need to change in my life


My life isn’t as bad as I had imagined, but I know I still want to do a lot of work to make my life better for myself.


I found today really helpful and inspiring, thank you.  I’d have liked to have shared this with my Mum as she wanted my life back on track.  Maybe she is looking down though.


If you want to have a better understanding of yourself and start making a real change to your life then book a Discovery Session with me today for only £100.

As a bonus you will also receive a copy of my first book “When Dad Became Joan”
when dad became joan book cover

In 1987, Cath’s father made the shocking confession that he wished to become a woman. Through the years of emotional, conflicting and tormenting thought processes, Cath wondered if life would ever feel normal again. 

We all have a story about coming to terms with change, whether this is transgender reassignment, separation, loss, illness, disability or living through another trauma.  As we live through our story we do the best we can with the strategies we have at our disposal.  Sometimes these are not enough and we have to search long and hard to find alternatives.

This is Cath’s story of how, for many years, she fought against her father’s transgender reassignment.  Cath shares her story with you and opens up her heart to show the conflicts she finally managed to conquer.  She also shares the strategies she ultimately used and teaches today as a lifestyle change and stress relief life coach.