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Cath Lloyd

How To Deal with The Sh*t Life Throws At You!

Tuesday 14th December 6PM


We all have a story to tell, but it is what you do with this story that will change the cause and effect of your future.


During this webinar I will share with you how you can learn from the heart wrenching situations that life throws at you. This process has made me into the women I am today, helping individuals with gender dysphoria remove the communication barriers they have with their family.


In 1987, my Dad’s decision to undergo gender reassignment treatment affected me to such a degree, it took me many years to recover from the shock. Once through this learning curve I wrote “When Dad Became Joan”, to help others and their families. Helping them to overcome the deep-set feelings that are so hard to understand, alleviating years of troubled family life.


Join me and let me take you on a journey of self-discovery so that when your heart aches from the emotional pain of life you know what to do. Learn the two questions you need to ask yourself to start turning your thought processes around so that you can function and tap into your inner strength and be resilient.


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