Managing Your Monday Morning Blues

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Monday mornings can create a lot of anxiety and stress for a lot of people, but the third Monday in January is traditionally called Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Why? Because many will be starting to feel the pinch financially with credit card bills and bank statements popping through the letterbox. For some, it may be a long month with the December salary being paid early. It is also the time of year when life will be starting to get back to normal; the excitement and lazy days from Christmas and New Year are over and what might feel a long time till the summer holidays. Trying to keep up with the New Year’s resolutions may be starting to feel a struggle and the thoughts of giving up feeling strong. All of this combined with the “I can’t do this” thought will result in the highest sick day of the year.

How can you overcome your Blue Monday?

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But, there are many other ways you can administer self-care instead of allowing the anxiety and stress of Blue Monday to define you.

It is easy to forget what you do or used to do that helped you manage when you feel in the thick of difficult thoughts and feelings.

Reconnect with your good coping mechanisms and put them into action as long as they are proactive for your health and wellbeing.

Set yourself some boundaries. Plan how you want to be feeling the next day. During the night your brain will be processing that information and you should wake up with those thoughts and feelings at the forefront of your mind.

If possible, wear something that is colourful and uplifting.

Take regular breaks. Five minutes in a different environment will make the world of difference to the way you feel. Taking some fresh air, a quick walk around the block, get a drink, have a fun chat with a friend or work colleague, instead of phoning someone at the other end of the office take a walk over there. Those few steps will keep your body moving and hopefully, you will see a friendly face when you get there.

Keep smiling. It is difficult to feel fed up when you are smiling, and it will help others feel happier too.
You may find that other people you come into contact with during your day will be struggling with their Blue Monday thoughts and feelings but don’t know how to manage them. Unfortunately, we cannot change other people’s feelings. Yes, we can talk to them about them but only they can change them, so don’t allow them to infect you. Remind yourself that you are in control of yourself and assert that control within.

However, if the day is starting to make you feel anxious and stressed, then try:

Courteously turning your back on the world for a few moments and shut your eyes.
Do some good breathing.
Be kind to yourself and remind yourself of how you want to be feeling.
Be assertive with yourself and reset your boundaries.
Remember you can turn how you are feeling about your day around.
If your day really isn’t going the way you had planned and you have tried to implement some of these coping strategies remember to always, ‘Love and Accept Yourself. You are not a failure if you didn’t have the greatest day ever. Instead reflect and work out how you can improve on it for tomorrow.

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