When Dad Became Joan

In 1987, Cath’s father made the shocking confession that he was a transsexual and wished to become a woman. Although she wanted to be supportive, Cath didn’t want to lose her dad, and it was hard to accept his decision. In those days, asking for help wasn’t the norm, and gender issues like this were swept under the carpet.


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A beautifully written book exploring the very honest and raw emotions of a family going through change.
The self-completion strategies that are included in the book would provide strong support to anyone adapting to change or working through difficulties in their lives.


An inspirational and life-changing read
I know I will refer back to this book and its techniques throughout my life, it's inspirational and I am thankful to have a copy on my bookshelf.

MR G D Morgan

Not only a true and compelling story, but a book to help those struggling with their own life issues
A powerful book to help those struggling through any issues, bereavement, illness, separation, abuse, to name a few.

mrs H

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When Dad Became Joan

Throughout the years of emotional, conflicting and tormenting thought processes, Cath wondered if life was ever going to feel normal again. We all have a story about coming to terms with change, whether this is transgender reassignment, separation, divorce, loss, grief, illness, disability or living through another trauma.

As we live through our story, we do the best we can with the strategies we have at our disposal. Sometimes these are not enough and we have to search long and hard to find alternatives. Cath did, and she succeeded. This book is her story.

Part One 

The day I learned a new normal

Cath begins part one of her book in the doctor’s surgery awkwardly explaining that her father, Joan, is indeed her father. She continues with a multi-layered story of honesty, strength, forgiveness, courage, regret, horror, conflict, discomfort, secrets, and love. It is the story of how Cath finally let herself be heard, and the story of her father who had no choice but to change.

Part Two

Seven steps for living your new normal

In the second part of the book, Cath shares seven of the strategies that helped with her family challenges. These can support you too, whatever difficulties you’re facing in your life.

With self-help tools that focus on topics like your values, self-honesty and positivity, you’ll develop a plan of action to support you while you acknowledge and accept what needs to happen to move forward and live your new normal.

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